The Best Wedding Photographers in Spain in 2023

The Best Wedding Photographers in Spain in 2023

I have been watching fellow photographers evolve for 14 years now, who have trained with us. We have attended congresses, travelled, had adventures, and even photographed a few weddings together. So… yes, I feel quite capable of making a list to tell you who the best wedding photographers in Spain in 2023 are, according to us. And I’m talking about photographers that I would hire for my own wedding today or as I did in the past for my sister’s wedding.

I have worked alongside many of them on a wedding, just for the pleasure of spending time together since besides admiring them as wedding photographers, we are friends and sometimes, a wedding is the perfect excuse to meet up.

But I’ll tell you one thing… we are not making this list based on friendship. We are making it because I’m a little tired of seeing «the best wedding photographers according to this or that magazine or website,» and I promise you that most of the time, they are not the best, but they have paid to be there. Again… I’m making this list out of admiration for them and respect for you, who are getting married and want the best to capture those memories.

And screw it… why not? I’m tired of so much modesty. Us too! Germán and Vero and we’re going to include ourselves in the list because honestly… I have no doubt that we won’t be the best, but we’re not very different from any of them either.

With any of them, you’ll have incredible wedding photographs because we know what, how, and when something is going to happen at your wedding. Through years of training. Because it’s in our genes and because we love our job.

So… if you want to hire the best wedding photographers in Spain, here’s my list. Made from our total and absolute conviction of what we’re telling you.

Best regards!!

PS: If you’re a photographer and you’re not on this list, it’s not because you’re not one of the best… of course, you are or you can become one. You just have to sign up for a directory and pay for it.